MRI Services is an independent service organization that offers a total solution to your Hitachi MRI and Hitachi/Philips CT Scanner needs. Because of our experience in Planning, installation and servicing you can count on us for everything we do. We provide complete solution for all your Hitachi MRI and Hitachi/Philips CT Needs.

Our product range includes Hitachi refurbished MRI models APERTO, AIRIS Elite, AIRIS Mate, AIRIS II, AIRIS & MRP Series.

Hitachi/Philips CT Scanners models Pronto, Pratico, AV Expender, AV Performance, SR7000, Tomoscan LX & Tomoscan CX.

The key to providing quality equipment installations and service is having the right test equipments and tools. We are the only company which has experienced engineers, all the tools including shimming device and manuals & circuit diagrams to install and service Hitachi MRI & CT Scanners as per OEM’s standards.

Pinpointing the problem and fixing it right is a very important aspect of technical services . Thanks to our highly-skilled imaging engineers, we provide an exact diagnosis followed with precise service. Our inventory of spares includes critical parts like MRI coils, Hard Disks, Software, CT X-ray Tubes, Power supplies and other accessories.